Friday, February 17, 2006

Poets on Painters

Ulrich Museum of Art
Wichita State University
April 19--August 5, 2007

Occupying the major gallery in the museum, the collaborative exhibition Poets on Painters dynamically juxtaposes the act of painting with the act of writing. Co-curators Katie Geha, curator of modern and contemporary art at the Ulrich Museum of Art and Travis Nichols, a Seattle-based poet, have paired 20 contemporary poets with 20 contemporary painters. Each poet has responded to and commented on a single visual work, and for the exhibition the poet's commentary/poem will be displayed next to the painting as wall text.

Poets on Painters recalls collaborations between Apollinaire and Duchamp, Stein and Picasso, and O’Hara and Rivers in its playful examination of how painting and poetry converge and diverge in the 21st century. The international visual and literary artists included in the show represent a vast array of styles and approaches, both traditional and experimental. A timely survey of contemporary painting and poetry, the exhibition instigates collaboration between established and emerging artists.

The exhibition is a cross section of contemporary painting, a sampling that reflects a deeper understanding of our current painting style. From the dreamy landscapes and portraits of Leipzig artist Christoph Ruckhäberel to the absurdist figures of Dana Schutz and Lamar Peterson to the chaotic abstraction of Joanne Greenbaum and Sam Prekop, these works represent contemporary painting as it exists today: largely figurative, bizarre, electric, and lyrical. They are works that suggest truncated narratives—narratives that will be extended, complicated, and completed by the poet’s response.

Poets on Painters is accompanied by a full-color catalogue designed by Jeff Clark with essays by Geha and Nichols, and an introduction by poet Anselm Berrigan. The poet’s response to a painting will be printed alongside each image, creating a dynamic catalog that is part painting and part poetry. A complete checklist and biographical information on all the exhibiting artists is also be included.

The exhibition is available for travel to other institutions from Fall 2007 through Summer 2008 at a cost of $5000 plus incoming shipping (approx. 10 weeks). For more infromation please contact Katie Geha at or 316.978.6857.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Works

Angelina Gualdoni, Reflecting Skin, 2004
oil on canvas
with poetry by Kary Wayson

Amy Sillman, Untitled, 2005
oil on canvas, 39" x 45"
with poetry by Monica Fambrough

Laura Owens, Untitled, 2004
oil on linen, 24" x 18"
with poetry by Kristen Prevallet

Nina Bovasso, Silver Roofed Structure, 2005
acrylic and ink on paper, 27 x 40 inches
with poetry by Hoa Nguyen

Echo Eggebrecht, Barnswallow, 2006
acrylic on panel, 30" x 36"
with poetry by Sawako Nakayasu

Mequitta Ahuja, Tsunami Generation, 2005
works on paper
with poetry by Eric Baus

Christoph Ruckhaberle, Reading Lady, 2006
oil on canvas, 75" x 55"
with poetry by Sara Veglahn

James Franklin, Untitled (Yellow Couple), 2005
flashe and resin on board, 6" x 5"
with poetry by Aimee Kelley

Sam Prekop, Committees, 2004
oil on linen, 11" x 12"
with poetry by Joshua Marie Wilkinson

Lamar Peterson, Untitled, 2005
acrylic on canvas, 34 1/4" x 40"
with poetry by Sueyeun Juliette Lee

Abel Auer, Untitled, 2004
oil on canvas, 65” x 65”
with poetry by Laura Solomon

Jules de Balincourt, The Watchtower, 2005
oil, enamel, spray paint on panel, 31” x 39”
with poetry by Paul Killebrew

Joanne Greenbaum, Color System, 2005
oil on canvas 70” x 80”
with poetry by Noah Eli Gordon

Mark Grotjahn, Untitled (Black Butterfly Pink MG03), 2003
oil on linen, 36” x 28”
with poetry by Nick Moudry

Christopher Patch, Reading Room, 2004
vinyl paint on canvas, 24” x 22”
with poetry by John Olson

Monique Prieto, tide, 2005
acrylic on canvas, 72” x 60”
with poetry by Jeff Clark

Anna Schachte, Tunnel of Love, 2005
oil on canvas, 48” x 60”
with poetry by Corina Copp

Sandra Scolnik, Self-Portrait, Undeveloped, 2000
oil, enamel, spray paint on panel, 15” x 14 ¾”
with poetry by Juliana Leslie

Whiting Tennis, Bovine, 2005
acrylic, collage on canvas, 32” x 48”
with poetry by Brad Flis